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Early Jazz

New Orleans and revivalist jazz, plus some of the earliest big(ger) bands- Luis Russell, Fletcher Henderson, Louis' big bands and Dixie-ish bands like Bob Crosby's. Plus ragtime.

Also included: transitional figures like Henry Allen & the more Condon-ish recordings of Pee Wee Russell- but see also the mainstream section. I used to  have Fats Waller here but he's happier in the mainstream pages also. Revivalist bands from the USA, UK, Europe & Australia are here.

See the eps pages for 7" classic jazz records.

I stopped listing early/ revivalist jazz cds a while ago; however since then some nice items have turned up in collections, and which called out to be listed.

You will now find them in the 'Mainstream' section. For now.


Click here for Early Jazz Vinyl listings